15 years ago

It´s been 15 years since Göteborg had this much snow! It just would not stop snowing on Saturday… Because of this I was forced to walk all the way to Vin o Pasta Due (where me and 20 others threw a suprise B-day dinner for Patrik) since no trams worked. And of course even had to walk home in -14 c and wind…

Check out this little path that I walked on up my hill! It was like being in a tunnel or a war trench… Insane!
When I got home (FREEZING and really annoyed) this met me: from a distance it looked like someone had driven straight into my car (not again I thought!)

Thankfully there were a few cm to spare… and yesterday I dug som more around my car and was able to move it forward and create som more space. Phew!!

There is of course a bright side to all this snow…

Like taking long walks in the sunshine and filling upp your head and soul with the energy it has to offer. Lovely!

Cecilia and I spent the entire afternoon outside (with a “pit stop” for coffee and a sandwich) enjoying the beautiful surroundings. I was full of energy all evening. 🙂

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