Always look on the bright side

Ok.. so I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday… Needed to get a bunch of sh*t out of my system apparantly. Now that it all seems to be out I feel a lot better.

I´m now trying to look on the bright side of life…(hear the Monty Python whistling…) Like appreciating all my wonderful friends – new & old, nearby and all the way over in the States. I am so thankful for all of you and hope to see you or at least talk to you soon.

I´m going to try to take it a bit easier this year.. from the summer and all the way to New Year´s last year I was speeding.. I need to slow down a bit in order to truly enjoy everything and feel good.

So here´s a feel good picture from a feel good moment:

Me, well actually just my legs and feet, lying by Lindsay´s uncle´s pool in Palm Springs… Great vacation with probably the most wonderful person I know.. 🙂

I can´t wait for warmth and sunshine!! I´ve actually started checking out some trips to Mallorca in April/May actuallt to visit my friend Sofie who lives and works there… Good to have something to look forward to!

Take care everyone! And thanks for being YOU.

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