So, here goes! My first comment… nerve-wrecking! 😉
Today I´d like start off by showing you Åhléns attempt at increasing their sales/profits (it just screams desperation!!)
Göteborg started off gorgeous this morning- lovely sunshine and blue sky… and then it got eaten up by some evil rain clouds who at the moment seem to been enjoying and prolonging their stay. Grr!

In this blogg I might be writing some things in swedish and some in english.. I haven’t really decided yet. Depends on the subject I think. I’ll be posting some books, films, clothes that you shouldn´t miss and then be dragging on about my actually-not-so-dramatic-and-exciting life. 🙂 But all of those who know me know that things always tend to happen and change… especially my mind so it might get exciting… 😉
Right, back to work! Be back later after!

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