We did Göteborg!

As some of you know Patrick came to visit me this week. I took a couple of days off work to show him the town- we could not have dreamed of better weather!! B-)

Day 1: Liseberg and Heaven 23
First stop: Liseberg of course! 🙂
Funny thing… 😉 we weren´t the only people at Liseberg… almost all rides/attractions had a 40 min line…

I mentioned that when you are in Gbg you should definitely not miss the famous shrimp sandwich at Heaven 23 and P wasn´t slow to make my suggestion into reality…
Into the elevator and there we were! Does it get any better than this? A beautiful view of Gbg, a glass of white wine and a TON of shrimps?? :-p
Back to Liseberg! First Lisebergsbanan where P enjoyed me screaming and laughing 😉 and then we both acquired a “wet look” after Flum Ride:

Day 2: A day at the beach and on the town:
This is at Askims badet… These people with their “kanoter” were WAY too close to us! Seriously?? No better place to go down into the water then where half of Göteborgs population are lying?? 😉
We then got home, had a quick snack and then walked all around town for several hours… we ended up down at the Opera where we sat and enjoyed the incredible calm that the sea and sun brings for a while… Lovely!! 🙂

Patrick tool the late bus to Oslo yesterday so we ate a late dinner at Hard Rock and stayed awake with the help of their loud music and a couple of beers.

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