A special thanks to Sats

Who payed my salary early this month (today) and enabled me to buy a nice top to where tomorrow 🙂 To be revealed TOMORROW. 😉

I was also quite pleased with myself when I beat all the (other) people that haven’t bought their midsummer-booze yet at Systembolaget right before lunch so am now pretty well stocked. A few beers, ciders, a bottle of rosé… I’ll try to keep my hands off tonight but the sunny weather that blew into town might make it a little hard especially if C and I hook up later.. Yes you are all right in thinking that I am a tad bit weak for wine…. 😉 It’s a spring/summer thing. Some people get hay-fever or depressed, I just get all excited and addicted to wine and fun. I do believe that I’m not alone? 😉 Confess up friends!! Join me!

Before doing anything else I need to pack all my stuff from work and get home. And then head down to Sats Valhalla for a Sats Power Step at 6.

Have a great weekend and Happy Midsommar everyone!! Take it easy with the potatoes! Hi hi…
A few wise words:
To all guys who don’t show their girlfriends enough appreciation and instead prioritize their friends and career… You need to seriously think twice about what you are doing. Are you prepared to lose this awesome girl?? Can you live with yourself when she finally gets around to dumping you and you never get a second chance to make it up to her or win her back? You will if you don’t shape up and show how much you love her and appreciate her. This might also be good for some girls to read but at lunch with one of my friends today the topic was GUYS that excell att being really crappy boyfriends not girls…

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