Wine for the weekend

I’ve just bought three bottles of wine at Systembolaget. Not sure of what I’ll be cooking or doing so it’s hard to know what to buy. so I just bought 3 of my favorites. One or two will be consumed friday evening when when Cissi, the hottest mom in all of Onsala, is going out with me. 😉

De Bortoli Gewurztraminer/Riesling. Sweeter white great with spicier food like thai or indian. Even good with stronger cheeses.

Graham Beck- Shiraz Cabernet. Pretty light and great as an appetizer and a chat with a girlfriend.

Carmen- Chile. Discovered this one kind of by mistake when it was one of the last bottles on the shelf a couple of weeks ago before a big holiday… Tastes great, pretty light and gets you in a good mood… 😉

Some tips that will leave you soft and smelling like a dream:-)

Favorite products right now that have you smelling really lovely:

Rexona girl is probably as the name insinutates for teenagers but I like staying young 😉

Nivea Happy Time finns can even be bought as shower cream- delicious!

Last but not least Body Shops Coconut Lotion…put some on this morning and smell like a tropical summer holiday. I’m also keen on their perfume Cherry Blossom…

Lilla Diktatorn…

This means “the little dictator” and is apparantly the nickname one of my students at Sats (my gym) has given me. In the most loving of ways, her boyfriend who is a colleague of mine, secures me.. 🙂 “She totally loves you and is so upset whenever she can´t make it to your class”.

Ok… So being a little dictator is a good thing..? Maybe people like being told what to do? I do do it with a smile and they are there to work out so… maybe it’s a good thing? Must be cuz they keep coming back for more! 😀

My class was good today- everyone was soaked with sweat when we were finished.


So, here goes! My first comment… nerve-wrecking! 😉
Today I´d like start off by showing you Åhléns attempt at increasing their sales/profits (it just screams desperation!!)
Göteborg started off gorgeous this morning- lovely sunshine and blue sky… and then it got eaten up by some evil rain clouds who at the moment seem to been enjoying and prolonging their stay. Grr!

In this blogg I might be writing some things in swedish and some in english.. I haven’t really decided yet. Depends on the subject I think. I’ll be posting some books, films, clothes that you shouldn´t miss and then be dragging on about my actually-not-so-dramatic-and-exciting life. 🙂 But all of those who know me know that things always tend to happen and change… especially my mind so it might get exciting… 😉
Right, back to work! Be back later after!