A nice sunday

After a good workout at the gym Cecilia and I met up Annika. We walked around an looked at alla the sales but then hunger took us to Spice. We started out sitting outside but it started to rain so we moved in and ate our really tasty lunch. Yummy. They make the best food there!!

Annica and Cecilia had the same shirt on whick they seemed to find funny until I took a picture of them… He he 😉
We then walked around town for a few more hours and watched all the AC/DC fans that crowded all the restaurants on Avenyn. I’m a bit jealous actually… I think they are all going to have a good time at the concert tonight. The weather is great now and they seem to have sold out. I’m not jealous of the fact that lots of them are going to be hung over tomorrow though… 😉

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