A taste of what´s to come

It snowed this morning again. Just like yesterday it then quickly turned to rain.. 🙁 A bit of a shame, it´s so much brighter and prettier with snow…

BUT, I’ve heard rumors that it´s expected to get colder and snow more later this week and we might even get a white x-mas this year!! Wouldn´t that be great??

I can´t wait to drive down to my mom´s place for Christmas. Hang out, relax, eat great food, drink som good wine, go for long walks and SLEEP. 😛 I also realy look forward to winding down and gathering my thoughts which have been quite a few this fall and these past weeks… I need to just take it easy and listen to my body.

I´ll keep you posted on all the clever ideas and thoughts I have! 😉

By the way… I’m soon of to give myself a bit of an early christmas present at Mazi (my hairdresser. 🙂

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