A weekend full of suprises!

What a weekend!! GORGEOUS weather! Hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have?

After Body Combat Cissi and I had som faijtas and rosé wine on my balcony.. and then some white wine.. the plan for the evening was to have some wine at my place and then eventually go out and meet some friends but things never turn out the way you plan do they?! 😉
Cissi´s husband called us and said that his colleague could see Peter´s car from his window.. Turned out he lived one floor down from me so we invited him and his friend up for a glass of wine, then went down to his apartment and had some more wine, and then went back to my apartment and, yes, had some more wine! 😉 We had a blast! Played great music, thank you Spotify, and danced the night away. The hour struck 2 a.m. and we finally called it a night. 🙂

Saturday Cecilia and I hit the “beach” (Hovåsbadet). I was pretty hung over but was determined out getting som color on my face and body. We had a great time just hanging out with coffee and some snacks, looking at people, a couple came by and took their wedding photos and then we went home. I wa pretty tired so the rest of the day/evening was quiet.

Gorgeous dress with gold and the bridesmaids in red.

Today we went to Hovås again and took our second swim in the sea. Yep! No more than 14 degrees! I got home at about four this afternoon, with quite a nice tan I might add, and have been doing laundry, preparing my classes at Sats this coming week and will soon be watching Twilight. Yeey! 🙂

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