Day 5 & 6

Day 5 (that followed the party Day 4) can be summarized by the movie we went to see: HANGOVER. Great movie with lots of laughs and it made us feel a little bit better. 😉

Yesterday (Day 6 of my Road trip) was spent in the sun. First att “Sola”

It was a bit windy but we enjoyed and hour at the beach and a lunch at the Hotel.

We then drove to see three Viking swords in a rock in Hafarsfjor. Pretty cool! We then had a great few hours in the sun- Therese read Twilight (yes, I’ve gotten her hooked too!) and S-A and I slept like babies. 😉

Me and Patrick 🙂
Last night we then went to eat our last meal together at City Brasserie. I had a great pasta sallad and even tastier Daquiri. Mmmm!

Therese really enjoyed the “Espressotini” we tried for the first time. Delicious and something I can highly recomend!

After dinner we went to Yank´s where Jonas and Martin played. We then went downstairs to enjoy another kick ass coverband who were awesome!!! We head a few drinks, thanks to Patrick´s friend Ben who kept buying new ones…all of sudden it was three o´clock and time to head home. Pretty tired and tipsy…

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