Hanging out with the oldies :-)

Friday morning mom and Ulf picked me up and we went to visit Aina and Bertil, old friends from when we lived in England, in their “summer house” close to Lysekil by Gullmarsfjorden. not the smallest of houses as you can see… and in the most gorgeous surroundings! I hade almost forgotten how lovely the Sjögrens are- so generous, kind and full of energy. Lovely company! 🙂

Me, being the sun worshipper that I am, went down to their boat house and relaxed for a few hours…

Afternoon tea on the porch of the boat house
While I lay and sunbathed the “oldies” were busy putting up birds nests/wooden houses on trees.. don’t know the english word for it- fågelholkar in swedish: it´s where birds can make their nests..

Bertil then took us out on a little trip on the fjord in his motor boat. Soo nice! 🙂

I’ve become somewhat smitten with the sea and boats this summer… makes me so relaxed and happy… might have to buy or rent a boat next summer.. 😉

The evening was as beautiful as the day.. check out the moon… breathtaking!

Saturday was just as nice. Not a bad way to wake up and have breakfast..

As mom and the others ran around putting up bird houses all over Aina and Bertils trees I enjoyed the salty breeze by the Fjord again B-)

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