I don´t like mondays

Ok, there are lots of reasons to dislike mondays…

Firstly it´s a clear sign that the weekend is over (and that sucks big time)… secondly it´s the start to at least four days, usually five, that you know are going to be full of lots of tasks and responsibilities called WORK. Thirdly you have to go to bed early in order to get up even earlier. Heck, there´s a song about why ” I don´t like mondays”- listen to it!!

My biggest reason for not liking mondays, this particular monday, is that my throat is a bit sore and my voice sounds like I´ve been drinking whiskey and smoking for like 30 years… I´ve sent about 10 text messages to other instructors at SATS with NO success whatsoever of getting someone else to take my aerobics class tonight so I have to go. 🙁 Not at all happy about that! Mondays are the hardest days to get in substitutes! All the ones that teach dance have classes of their own!

I tell other people I know not to work out when they have a sore throat and what do I do..? Stupid girl I know but since I feel good otherwise I can’t just call the class off..!

Now I just need to find someone to take my class tomorrow… in case I get worse instead of better. Yes, I realize the chance of that is pretty big… 😉 I’m not that stupid! So.. wish me luck now.

Un beso!

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