Nyfiken på Vipr

Någon mer än jag som är nyfiken på Vipr? (En ny produkt på Sats till våren med start v.4)

What is ViPR?

A powerful and athletic exercise form with a unique tool. ViPR provides you with an easy yet challenging training focusing on cardio vascular ability and overall strength as well as ways to improve your balance, elasticity and agility. All is set to a pumping bass line of uplifting music.

What does ViPR do for you?

ViPR is increasing your cardio vascular ability and improving overall strength as well as targeting your balance, agility and elasticity. In the strength and interval tracks we are mainly focusing on upper body and core strength.

Who can join ViPR?

The class is a though class recommended for members with a reasonable workout experience. However, the experienced level of intensity is very much up to the participants own effort which opens up for less experienced participants to improve their cardio vascular ability and strength.

Jag vill definitivt testa!! Vem ska med? 😉

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