Party Animal

It wasn’t enough getting up at 6.30 and having a whole day of stress, then party with Ida and Jens… Oh no, Fia the Party Animal, at 1 o´clock when the wedding party was over, decided to meet up my friends from Göteborg out at Leif´s Lounge! I thought: I can be responsible (and boring) and go home to an empty hotel room) or I can have some more fun…

And fun it was! I by some miracle got in to Leffe´s even though it was full, didn’t have to pay entrance fee and then got a glas of wine bought for me. And on top of that lots of attention!! My long black dress caught lots of glances, yep I felt a TAD bit overdressed ;-), and several people (not just guys but yeah mostly) approached me telling me how beautiful I was. Great ego-boost! 🙂

We got in at 4.30 this morning. Cecilia and Annika stayed at the same hotel as me, and then got up at about 10 since breakfast was only served until 10.30. We then spent the day roaming the streets of Halmstad trying to ge sober enough to drive home… A coffee here and some noodles there… a walk to that side of town and then to the other… and then finally at about 16.30 we all got into our cars and headed north again. I’m at my mom´s house now. Don’t know how long I´m staying, maybe two days but maybe just the night. C, A and me are going to Grebbestad for 2 or 3 nights next week. No rest for the young!! 😉

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