Sunday bloody Sunday

Sunday again… a day for rest for some, a day to visit church for other people, here in Sweden a day to light another candle to “celebrate” 2nd Advent where we mark getting a week closer to X-mas.

Sunday is perhaps for other people, like myself, also a day to reflect on the week that has passed and perhaps do some cleaning and laundry.

Swedish lesson of the day: Tvättstuga=Laundry room. And the place that I´ll be visiting the next few hours. 😉

Reflections/summary of the week:

  • A good week at work, a bit hectic of course but pretty alright
  • New Flow programme went really well with exception for some of the arm movements being to difficult for the group..
  • I tried Nike Dynamic Yoga this week- fun challenge but I think I like ” normal” Yoga better
  • I´ve learned that sometimes it´s better to push yourself to do things even if you don´t really feel like it.. Turns out it that people and situations can suprise you and be more fun than you thought! 🙂
  • Incontro is a bit too much on fridays…
  • El Corazon doesn´t have that great food (we tried the burger and a pizza there last night)
  • Don´t judge people to hard – there probably lies a good explanation to their behaviour that you don´t know about and there probably also lies something more behind why YOU judge them…
  • Sometimes honesty is not always the best policy… but for the most part it probably is. Be yourself and be true to what you feel and think! Even if it´s a little scary…
  • Last but not least, I’m looking forward to next week. This week has been a bit empty…

2 Replies to “Sunday bloody Sunday”

  1. Hej tjejen och va roligt att jag råkade hamna på din blogg! :o)

    Härlig blogg du har. Kul att Flowen gick så bra. Min kändes också härlig nu i veckan fast jag blev sjuk efter i torsdags.. 🙁 men på väg att bli bättre nu.
    Må toppen och fastna inte i tvättstugan men njut av din lediga söndag!


    ps. nu kommer jag länka din blogg från min sida – härlig blogg du har!

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