The good, the bad and the ugly

I saw and met both the good, bad and ugly yesterday…

I started with a really good dinner at Trattoria da Pasquale (Sten Sturegatan). I really like the place- it´s cosy and intimate and the staff are really friendly and personal. Me and my date enjoyed some great pasta and conversation… 🙂

After dinner it was time for Inglorious Bastards at Bergakungen….

Here´s where the bad and the ugly come in to the picture. And come to think of it, even the good… 😉

Bad: Bad people doing bad stuff to eachother… the cinema being cold was pretty bad too…
Ugly: Some of the scenes inte this movie (actually quite a few) where really ugly and gruesome. But some other scenes were really beautiful. Incredible colours, close-ups and energy!
Good: The movie was really good, in it´s quirky Tarantino way, and all together the whole evening left a me feeling pretty darn good. 😉

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