What happened 2011?

Å nu har jag kommit till nästan min favoritdel av att ha en blogg.. att titta igenom alla gamla inlägg och se alla tankar & händelser man varit med om under året. Och för tredje året i rad (coolt!) är det dags att summera detta för er 🙂 I thought I would summerize my 2011 in english so even my international friends can get an update.. so, what happened 2011?

Like for many people Zumba Fitness ® has had a big impact on my life. I´ve been teaching it since august 2010 and I simply love it. Love the energy, the music and the way all the moves really interpret the music, how the class is both fun & humorous but also a great workout.

Since I´ve started with Zumba I´ve been a part of so many great training events like Party in Pink, outdoor classes with all the managers of Sats, Masterclass with Steve Boedt, Zin Day and many more.

My friend and colleague Paula is even more zumba-crazy then me and has arranged a lot of these events. She´s done a lot for Zumba in the Göteborg region. <3 Proud! Apart from Zumba my training year has even consisted of Body Balance (early friday mornings and my class has almost been full every week!) and some Shape (for Anna). And I must say these three forms of exercise seem to work well for my body. 🙂 I still have dreams (ok goals) of doing more muscular training in the gym…maybe next year? 😉
Oh and speaking of exercise and Sats Sportsclub (the gym I´ve worked at for 12 years) I can´t forget to mention a thing I´m very proud of. Me and Anna were chosen to be the two new “Sats Competence people” in southern Sweden. Yey! It basically means we help out and educate fellow aerobic instructors within dance, step and functional training (just Anna) and get to do some cool representative events for Sats. And oh yeah.. from next year a Nike sponsorship..! 🙂

Apart from Zumba and Body Balance I´ve also become a certified Sh´Bammer ® and Zumbatomic ® instructor. 🙂

Ok so what else? Well emotionally 2011 has been a bit of a roller coaster ride.. I had a rough time at my old job, some corporate re-organizing unfortunately was not done in my favor and to be honest I think I was ready to do something else anyway after almost five years there.. So I applied for a couple of jobs and then landed a great one! I am now (since late august) marketing project leader and northern Europe´s largest E-commerce company! It had quite a rough start but now it feels like I´ve gotten a better grip of things and like it.

Another more emotional happening was my mom´s boyfriend suddenly passing away.. RIP Ulf <3 Some other fun things that happened 2011:

2 weeks in Thailand with Peter

Fjällbacka with the girls!

A few weddings this summer and even in December (dressed for the occasion above in Bollnäs)

Metallica and Iron Maiden concerts with great friends…

And then of course selling my apartment, buying one together with Peter, renovating it (and all the ups and and downs that included with handy men who didn´t keep what they promised and painters who did a crappy job…) and then finally making and decorating it into OUR HOME. <3

Our pride and joy kitchen here for example 😉

Anf the greatest thing about 2011 is ouf course Peter. Love of my life, all I could ever want in a partner, for life <3 Can´t wait for the rest of our lives together!

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