Wine for the weekend

I’ve just bought three bottles of wine at Systembolaget. Not sure of what I’ll be cooking or doing so it’s hard to know what to buy. so I just bought 3 of my favorites. One or two will be consumed friday evening when when Cissi, the hottest mom in all of Onsala, is going out with me. 😉

De Bortoli Gewurztraminer/Riesling. Sweeter white great with spicier food like thai or indian. Even good with stronger cheeses.

Graham Beck- Shiraz Cabernet. Pretty light and great as an appetizer and a chat with a girlfriend.

Carmen- Chile. Discovered this one kind of by mistake when it was one of the last bottles on the shelf a couple of weeks ago before a big holiday… Tastes great, pretty light and gets you in a good mood… 😉

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