Global (polar) warming?

There´s been a lot of talk about global warming these past years…

I´m just wondering if part of that is several decimeters of snow and complete and utter chaos in just about all of southern Sweden? 😉

It´s been snowing uncontrollably since yesterday afternoon in Göteborg, even in the rest of Sweden too… Stepping out of my house this morning the snow reached somewhere between my ankles and knees.

I probably would not have gone outside today if it wasn´t for my dance class that I hade signed up to substitute at Backaplan. I took an early bus, which was actually on time, but I think I was lucky..

Just check out all these trams… about seven of them all stocked up. 🙁
Glad I took the bus. Lucikly I was not alone at Sats ;-). 7 brave members joined me for a really sweaty and fun class!

So how is it looking now? This is my baclony…

The snow almost reaches 2/3 of it!!
Hopefully it will stop snowing soon, actually looks like it right now… but they say it´s going to snow next week too.. 🙁

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