Grey´s vs real life

I’m watching Grey´s Anatonomy, as I almost always do on wednesdays… but today I can’t really seem to get into it… I’m more thinking about the real life drama and pain that my friends, colleagues and family have all been through and ARE going through right now…

Sometimes you have some time to prepare yourself for the pain, sometimes you inflict it onto yourself and sometimes onto others, sometimes it takes you by surprise and turns your life completely upside down and sometimes you feel like you are about to die, or wish you would. You feel broken. And in fact something did break. Some hopes, some dreams and some memories.

At the moment I’m in a good place but a few of my closest friends and a colleague are in a really rough place. I wish I could make it all better but I can’t. I can only try to support them… and be grateful for where I am right now. Grateful that the confusion and stress that existed only a few weeks ago, the tears that just wouldn´t stop that sunday about 1 1/2 months ago and the enormous pain I was in in august last year are all in the past. I made it through it all and have found a calm and safe place to camp for a while.

I won’t be here forever because without taking risks and daring to hope and dream we don’t get to experience all those great things in life. Like falling in love, feeling that crazy buzz and warmth… Taking chances and daring yourself- and suceeding at that- that feeling is unbeatable!

It would seem that we most go through the bad to appreciate the good…

Good night!

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