In a better place

This is the feeling I´ve been missing… This is my happy place. With T and SA this summer on our way to Bergen, sitting down in the warm evening sun waiting for the ferry… Taking in the beautiful surroundings, feeling the warmth both on the inside and outside. The corners of my mouth can´t help but pull upwards 😉 Perfection!
Yesterday I was in the opposite place of this and felt soooo stressed out. I´ve been trying to handle what´s actually two people´s jobs at the same time and that just doesn´t work! I´ve also been physically pretty worn out after the Flow course the past weekend and teaching my own classes moday and tuesday. Add som pms and lot´s of messed up feelings and thoughts and what do you have?? A big mess. No, a big FIA-mess!

I actually cried at work yesterday afternoon. Might sound horrible but it was the best thing that could have happened! I needed to get it all out. All the negative stuff and stress… So now, today, I feel so much better. I have lots more energy and not at all as stressed out! Yej 🙂

I still have some kind of messed up thoughts and feelings that I need to deal with but I think I´ll sort them out and come to good solution/decision…

Note to self (and good advice to all of you) : follow your heart, don´t forget what you´ve been through, it´s better to know than not know (don´t die curious!) and never take your eyes off the prize… it´s worth waiting and fighting for!

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