I´m ashamed to admit it but it´s been 8 or 10 years since I visited my big sister in Paris. Today my mom and I finally booked a trip. 🙂 12-15/11.

If your wondering why it´s taken me so long I don´t have a great answer except for the fact that my sister´s 13 years older than me, we didn´t grow up together so we aren´t really close and neither of us are that great at keeping in touch… Never too late I say so I told my mom I planned on visiting her this fall. Turned out mom wanted to come with. 🙂 So said and done! Yey!

So in a few weeks you can all expect loads of touristy Paris-pics here and hopefully even some of mom and my sis, who I might add both don´t have quite as good a relationship with the camera as I do… 😉 But intend on capturing them at their best!

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